Mission & Goals

In the beginning of the new millenium, the role of high technologies is becoming more important almost in all fields of human activity. Nuclear physics, biochemistry, nanotechnologies change the world offering new materials and ways of solving different tasks. Medicine, industry, extraction of natural resources, scientific research, in order to catch up with the modern trends are all in need of constant technical base renewal.

Unfortunately, government institutions do not always react in time on everchanging conditions of the goods turnover in the high technologies sphere. Ministries and departments often act separately and lead to systemic disagreements between core laws and codices: civil code, administrative code, customs code and tax code. All these things arouse inevitable difficulties in importation and exportation of the high-tech goods right up to the full impossibility of foreign-economic activities in particular niches.

The «UNILOAD» company, founded in the year 2007, is aimed at overcoming such difficulties and assisting progress and leading developments, offering at the same time the best service in the field of cargo transportation, logistics and foreign-economic activities.

We cooperate with our clients in developing international business, assisting at any stage of the task - from discussing the trade contract or getting required licences to delivering cargo to the customer and giving recommendations about goods usage terms.

Preliminary consulting helps our clients avoid numerous risks in foreign economic activities such as delay or arrest of the goods at customs, goods' customs value obligatory recalculation, inability to use the goods due to inaccuracy in permissive documentation, etc.

We do not thrust unnecessary services upon our clients. Depending on the demands, we offer both separate services and complex solutions in the sphere of foreign-economic activities and logistics:

acquisition of export-, import- and usage-permitting documentation for goods;

accompanying at customs clearance,

organization of consolidation, storage, transportation and door-to-door delivery of the goods,

preparation of documents and optimization of trade schemes.

More information about our abilities you can read in the corresponding sections of the website.

We hope that expertise of our specialists will help you in building the optimal delivery scheme and avoiding difficulties in the process of its realization.

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