Logistics & Foreign Trade Activities

Right and timely planning of the foreign-economic activities together with setting up logistics according to the needs of the enterprise enable us to optimize items of expenditure, reduce the delivery time, minimize the administrative and financial risks.

LLC «UNILOAD» offers you assistance in all stages of development and implementation of foreign deliveries. And all this is not only profitable, but also safe.

Specialists of LLC «UNILOAD» are ready to provide you with consultations, recommendations and other kinds of information, concerning international trade in goods, including those containing radioactive materials, gases, explosives, as well as flammable, corrosive, poisonous and other hazardous substances.

The complex of services that we offer includes:

Analysis of the deal and planning of preliminary works

Selection of schemes and terms of delivery

Acquiring permissive documentation

Support of export and import operations

Additional services concerning delivery of radioactive sources

We can provide you with recommendations how to correct earlier acquired permissive documents in case of their incompliance with legislation. Furthermore, we can consult you about discovering and eliminating customs risks and avoiding blockage of the goods or documents at customs after the importation.



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