Delivery Schemes

The direct purchase from a manufacturer is not always the shortest and easiest way of getting the imported goods. In some cases intermediaries or wholesalers can offer better conditions. Sometimes a manufacturer is not interested in organizing the delivery and thus all the work of getting goods from distant regions including export formalities of foreign countries becomes the buyer's burden, or at least a burden of his cargo agent. Many governmental and municipal enterprises are bound by the requirements of procurement norms, are limited in budget and expenditure targets or cannot carry out monetary operations.

Commercial organizations often play a role of a middleman between the «real» and «formal» worlds. If the job is to be done despite all the administrative obstacles, the participants have to adapt to the realities and create various schemes of delivery.

LLC «UNILOAD» will help you with the choice of:

optimal type of deal (with or without help of intermediaries, trade agents, cargo consolidators),
terms of delivery,
customs procedures,
logistic scheme including:

development of the routes for international and domestic (Russia and C.I.S.) transportation as well as checking for drawbacks for the selected routes (temporary and constant embargo at the airports and in airline companies);

organization of storage and insurance on each stage of transportation, depending on customer's needs;

costs calculation for the services at each stage of the logistic process;

optimization of the scheme according to customer's priorities (reduction of the execution time, decrease in delivery selfcost, meeting schedule of regular shipments).

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