Obtaining of Permits

Before making a purchase, make sure that you have all the necessary permissive documents for the shipment, customs formalities, exploitation of the equipment or its further resell.

In most cases these documents might be very special and lack of any of them may lead to an accident in a delivery chain, to blockage of the goods at customs, to unplanned paid long-term storage and to other financial and organizational risks. Only the timely done pre-shipment works enable you to avoid troubles.

LLC «UNILOAD» performs analysis of the source information (and documents) and provides you with recommendations for acquiring of necessary documents:

licenses for handling «dangerous» goods of different categories;

licenses for different types of activity;

import and export licenses by FSTEC of Russia (Federal Service for Technology and Export Control);

certificates of compliance (for customs);

Type «А» package certificates  for construction and transportation inside Russia;

expert conclusions about unusual types of excepted packages;

licenses, import permits, sanitary-epidemiological permits by the territorial  entities of the Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being;
other permissive documents.

We work like outsourcing specialists. We arrange your sets of documents, compose texts for your requests and application letters, study technological aspects of your deal, fill information gaps. We have good contacts with foreign manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, we perform initial requests and receive issued permits, licenses and certificates at the right time. Being permanently in this business, we handle everything with much more ease, than unskilled "appointed" employees inside your company.

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