Import / Export Operations

The most significant importation rule says: even the least important aspects of the forthcoming deal should never be left to the discretion of your suppliers. There is a huge gap between their wish to sell and your wish to buy the goods - and this gap is... delivery. Without full understanding who is responsible for every step of the ongoing operation, you risk to get absolutely unexpected side effects as a result.

The sellers of the goods usually feel indifferent to your needs about transportation and commercial documents. European, American and Asian document flows are far more liberal than their Russian counterpart. Foreign suppliers feel reluctant about making changes to the documents just because they do not clearly understand what all these changes are for.

The same way, while supplying the goods from Russia abroad, you may not be aware about your documents not meeting the requirements of the local laws at destination.

Specialists of LLC «UNILOAD» handle all the preliminary works in order to make customs clearance of the imported or exported goods accurate and painless. Our specialists also quickly pass customs formalities in presence of your employee or, if needed, hire a customs broker at your request.

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Reference information: Incoterms 2010
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