Radioactive Materials Shipments

Radioisotopes (both as substances and as a part of instruments, devices or installations) every year get a wider application in medicine, scientific research, safety systems and other various branches of industry. The exploitation of radioactive sources is a complicated task which requires from the operator measures of record keeping, controlling, physical defending and creating special structures inside the company.

Obtaining equipment that is using radioisotopes often becomes a headache right from the moment of signing the delivery contract. If the deal is prepared by employees who are not specialists in exploitation of radioisotopes the budget would surely be underestimated and the putting-into-operation program would surely be developed and accepted later than planned. Lack of required permissive documents may lead to a failure of whole enterprise development schedule.

Russian manufacturers of radioisotope sources and equipment who don't have experience in exporting face similar problems.

According to the fact that half-life of some isotopes does not exceed several days, the question of timely delivery becomes tightly connected with the cost of the products. Any unanalyzed factor is a serious risk for the enterprise, and involvement of a specialized contractor into the job allows to reduce this risk to sensible limits.

LLC "UNILOAD" not only offers separate services of the radioactive materials transportation, but also provides customers with the full set of services for importation of radioactive sources on a turn-key basis, including following stages:

analysis of company's documents and check for their compliance with the norms,
composing and submitting requests, obtaining licenses for exploitation,
composing and submitting requests, obtaining necessary documents for transport packaging sets,
composing and submitting requests, obtaining import and export licenses,
building logistic scheme of the delivery,
analysis of contract documentation, highlighting of risky dubious statements, proposal of alternative formulations,
transportation routes approval, obtaining additional permitting documents when needed (transit permits of third countries, special conditions for transportation, exemptions of FATA (Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia)),
arrangement and support in customs formalities,
organization of transportation on dedicated vehicles inside Russia and abroad.

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