Radioactive Materials Logistics

Transportation and storage of Radioactive Materials (Dangerous Goods, Class 7) always meet difficulties related to the type of goods. Norms and handling rules for radioactive sources impose significant restrictions for their transportation, raise specific demands for vehicles, warehouses, staff of transporting companies. A freight forwarder without theoretical knowledge and practical skills in logistics of radioactive materials throws its client into unnecessary risks. Nonfulfillment of the requirements of the effective legislation may lead to both performer's and customer's serious administrative liability, unplanned expenditure, and in particular cases, to the risk of criminal liability. Only certified and licensed specialists acting in strict accordance with the legislation (of Russia, of the Customs Union, of other countries and the international one) guarantee a wise Radioactive Materials logistics for their clients.

Since its foundation in the year 2007, LLC "UNILOAD" specializes in transportation of Dangerous Goods, and in first place - of Radioactive Materials. We possess all necessary knowledge and skills for performing most complicated tasks, connected with exportation and delivery of radioactive sources from/to any place in the world. Our partners in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia are also reliable specialists with great Class 7 Dangerous Goods handling experience.

LLC "UNILOAD" is your reliable agent for:

air delivery from/to/inside Russia and between third countries by regular and charter flights via authorized airports;

collecting and forwarding shipments from all countries in the world;

to-door delivery in all countries in the world;

transhipment and transit storage in key airports of Europe and Asia;

DG marking, labeling and paperwork;

assistance at obtaining licenses and permits, support at customs clearance, getting approval of transportation routes.

Our destinations served for Class 7 shipments:

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