Licencing & Certification

Obtaining permissive documents for exploiting, transporting, importing/exporting radioactive sources is a complicated process which requires deep knowledge of the regulatory system. It also needs practical skills of using the corresponding laws and acts of the effective legislation.

Licensing & Certificating Group of LLC "UNILOAD" is a special department created for supporting customers in obtaining official permissive documents of a wide range.

We perform analysis of the primary documentation from our customers, form the set of documents and initiate a request for acquiring of...

certificates for construction and transportation of type A packages,
expert conclusions concerning excepted packages,
export and import licenses by the Federal Service for Technology and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia),
licenses for exploitation of radioactive sources by the Federal Service for Supervision of Environment, Technology, and Nuclear Management (RosTechNadzor),
certificates of compliance for radioactive sources supplied as raw materials or as a part of equipment,
other permissive documents.

We work on a contract basis. Time of performance is quite reasonable. Some types of documents can be done on high priority.

For the primary request we suggest you to prepare the documents accordingly to the list (all the items on this list are required):

contact details of your company, russian importer/exporter company and/or end user company,
passports and/or certificates for radioisotope sources and packaging,
commercial documents, containing information about seller, consignor, manufacturer, consignee, buyer, end user, intended use of the goods, price of the goods and terms of delivery,
official papers that are already obtained, if any.

You can fill your request here or send it via e-mail.

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