Route Confirmation

The main feature of the Dangerous Goods transportation is the fact that the organizer and the performer of the transportation, in order to agree the possibility and terms of the service, should always be in a tight contact.

The usual terms of air delivery are not appliable for some certain categories of cargo accordingly to the rules of TI ICAO / DGR IATA. Delivery of some certain shipments by road should also be performed only with the means of specialized vehicles.

While preparing a delivery of Dangerous Goods, LLC "UNILOAD" always carries out a check for permissive documents of all parties involved into deal, and then coordinates with subcontractors all the details of the forthcoming works.

In particular cases, permissions of the national authorized institutions are required (e.g. special conditions, exemptions, etc.).

LLC "UNILOAD" provides a set of necessary documents and initiates the legal procedure to obtain the required permissive documents. The job is performed reasonably quickly.

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