Commercial Paperwork

Generally, the seller and the buyer go through a long procedure of terms coordination, verification of deal's details, specification of statements. Depending on the deal's complexity this procedure can take weeks or even months. Employees from different departments are offen involved in a deal preparation, and they offen do not have close contact among themselves. Each department of a company has its own view on the delivery. Merchants pay attention to price questions, customs specialists accent the determination of the importation or exportation methods, logisticians try to minimize the transportation costs. The same job is done on the partner's side.

As a result, during the execution of the delivery some minor questions and problems can arise. Some additional solutions are required.

The most typical examples:

- The supplier at his own discretion has changed the order of delivery of several similar items. The consignee who certified in advance some certain serial numbers of items from the first party was not informed about changed order of delivery. On arrival of the first party the consignee is facing the fact that he has no certificate of compliance for the customs clearance of the arrived goods...

- The agent at his own discretion has sent the cargo to the wrong airport of Moscow, not in the airport that the Consignee asked for. Officially, the "CPT Airport of Moscow" condition was met, but the import license was made for the other airport and was registered in another customs office...

- Commercial representatives of the parties negotiated to use another packaging or prepacking and made appropriate changes to the contract. However, they didn't notify logisticians about that. At the time of the first delivery the parties discovered that new parameters of the shipment make previously selected route obsolete...

- and so on, and so forth!

In order to prevent such inconsistences (especially in case of Dangerous Goods delivery!) the finalization of commercial documents should be done in coordination with responsible forwarding agent participating in supply. His "look from aside" permits to detect errors and therefore to avoid the risks of time and money losses.

Elimination of mismatches in contracts and agreements before their signing (or at least before the delivery starts!) saves the total execution time and working hours of the employees of all parties involved into the deal. Sometimes one discovered mismatch leads to reconsideration of key terms of an agreement, rebuilding of delivery schemes and schedules. The earlier the problem is found, the less efforts are needed for its correction.

In order to reveal possible problems and risks connected with documentation mismatches LLC "UNILOAD" performs the analysis of commercial, technical and permissive documents of the customer.

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Reference information: Incoterms 2010

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