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«Звезда качества – 2018»
награда Всероссийского рейтинга качества товаров и услуг.
Премия правительства Московской области «Экспортёр года в сфере высоких технологий – 2020»
Эксклюзивный представитель международной ассоциации транспортных агентов Conqueror Freight Network в Москве с 2017 года
ООО «ЮНИЛОУД» включено в реестр «100 лучших предприятий России»
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Moscow region government award «Exporter of the year in the field of high technologies - 2020»
«Quality Star - 2018»
award by National rating of quality of goods and services.
Эксклюзивный представитель международной ассоциации транспортных агентов Conqueror Freight Network в Москве с 2017 года
Analysis equipment
Warranty and post-warranty maintenance
Expendables and supplements supply
Participation in bids (including State Defense Procurement)
Assistance in bid technical specification preparation
Supplies on the territory of Russia and worldwide

  • Kerber-T

    Ion Mobility Spectrometer IDD «Kerber-T»

  • ChemExpert-T

    Portable raman spectrometer «ChemExpert-T»

  • MetExpert

    Portable X-ray fluorescent analyzer «MetExpert»

  • Prizma Eco

    X-ray fluorescent ecological control complex «Prizma Eco»

  • ChemExpert

    Portable raman spectrometer (PRS) «ChemExpert»

  • Segment

    Automatic system for detection of toxicchemicals and warfare agents (ASG) «Segment»

    Integrated inspection complex «SMARTSCAN INTELLIMAX TRIO»

  • Prizma-M(Au)

    X-ray fluorescent precious metals analyzer «Prizma-M(Au)»

  • Control

    Portable Raman Analyzer for Identification of Gems and Minerals «Control»

Air shipments from airports of Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg
Pick up at shippers’ facilities worldwide
To-door delivery
Wide agent network, favorable price, vast experience in complex shipments
Partnership with the best Russian and international air carriers
Preparations and finding the optimal routing for shipments of all dangerous goods classes and categories
Express delivery of short-lived radioactive substances and radiopharmaceuticals
Multimodal and charter options for complex shipments
UN-certified packages
Trade intermediation for import/export of radioactive goods
Consultation foreign economic activity , logistics schemes optimization, reduction of transit time, minimization of administrative and financial risks
Import/export transactions with the goods including the goods under export control and containing radioactive materials and other dangerous goods
Import/export of complex high-tech equipment including dual-use commodity
Acquiring export control licenses for dual-use goods including radioactive materials
Certification of Type A, Type B(U) packages for radioactive materials transportation
Excepted packages conclusions
Import goods certification
Acquiring licenses for radioactive materials usage
International and domestic cargo shipments
Logistics of radioactive materials and other dangerous goods
Import/Export, Foreign economic activity support, Customs clearance services

Permits, licenses, approvals
Logistics and transport services
About us
LLC «UNILOAD» was founded in 2007
LLC «UNILOAD» launched a program for the production and supply of radioactive isotopes to the international market
LLC «UNILOAD» became exclusive member of Conqueror Freight Network in Moscow
The company's achievements were awarded by quality mark
«Zvezda Kachestva-2018/ Quality Star - 2018»
LLC «UNILOAD» won Moscow region government award «Exporter of the year in the field of high technologies»
The company is highly competent in radioactive logistics, has certified transport and personnel
LLC «UNILOAD» is an authorized exporter of high-tech dual-use equipment
Maximum yearlyturnover 310 mln RUB
LLC «UNILOAD» started supplying high-tech analytical equipment to foreign partners
АО «Байер»
АО «Ритверц»
ЗАО «Квант»
Regional Alliance Isotope
Research Institute of Atomic Reactors
Mayak Production Association
Institute of Nuclear Material
Saint-Petersburg ISOTOPE
Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Federal Nuclear Center All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
Research Institute of Technical Physics and Automation
Advanced Research Institute of Inorganic Materials named after Academician A. A. Bochvar
National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University
Bayer JSC
Centre for Development of Nuclear Medicine
Medicine and Nuclear Technologies
Center of Molecular Research
Ritverc JSC
Sibmer LLC
Federal Passenger Company
Energomontage International JSC
Closed Joint-Stock Company for installation and adjustment of radiation equipment «Kvant»
Organization: LLC «UNILOAD»
TIN/INN: 5009059456
PSRN/OGRN: 1075009003629
Phone: +7 (495) 811-01-00
E-mail: contact@uniload.ru
Address: 142015, Moscow region, Domodedovo Airport, bldg. 8, floor 3, office 3.12
Opening hours: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. (GMT + 3)
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